Invitation for conservation organizations. Dialogue of the UN Special Rapporteur: Indigenous peoples’ rights and conservation activities

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Dialogue of the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples with conservation organizations on the issue of indigenous peoples’ rights and conservation activities, New York, May 11, 2016, from 15 to 18 hours.

The Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, would like to invite you to a dialogue on the rights of indigenous peoples and conservation, with the aim of receiving information and views for a report on the issue she will submit this year to the General Assembly of the United Nations. The Special Rapporteur also intends to transmit her recommendations to the IUCN World Conservation Congress to be held in Hawaii next September 2016.

The Special Rapporteur would like to focus this dialogue on the respect to the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the activities developed by conservation NGOs as reflected at the policy level, at the implementation/project level and in their relationship with national governments. She would like to propose the following questions for discussion:

1. Policy framework: guidelines and policies regarding the rights of indigenous peoples when affected by conservation activities.

2. Mechanisms to involve indigenous peoples at the project level; examples of successful projects, in your view, regarding indigenous peoples’ participation; obstacles encountered and suggestions to overcome those obstacles.

3. Examples of complaint and remedy mechanism at the project level.

4. Relations with national governments: examples of promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples in the dialogue with governments and main challenges.

The Special Rapporteur is particularly interested in receiving input from participants illustrated by concrete examples and she would appreciate further information on those cases to be submitted in electronic format.

Draft agenda:
1. Introduction by the SR on the objectives of the dialogue
2. Introduction of participants
3. Discussion on policy frameworks
4. Discussion on implementation and illustration with concrete examples
5. Discussion on relations with national governments
6. Conclusion: good practices, main challenges and suggested solutions

The meeting will take place at the Ford Foundation, 320 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017, on the 11th May, 2016 from 15 to 18 hours.
Interpretation in English and Spanish will be provided.

Due to space limitations, the Special Rapporteur will very much appreciate that you confirm your participation no later than 2 May to Christine Evans ( and Patricia Borraz (


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