The role of people in the landscape in meeting the Paris Agreement temperature targets

By | 9 December, 2018

PANEL: 9 December 2018 15:00-15:30 | Katowice time (GMT+1) LIVESTREAM

How can all the issues discussed today bridge the science – calling for urgent action on climate change in the landscapes – with how people live and act on a daily basis? Key speakers will reflect on how we can ensure we meet Paris Agreement targets through the lens of rights, political accountability and collaboration. Perspectives from indigenous people, civil society and policy makers will help map out the steps we need to take together for successful and holistic climate mitigation.


Takeshi Shimotsuma
Supervising Director of Global Environment and Energy
Environment Policy Bureau, Kyoto City Government, Japan

Mette Wilkie
Chief, Policy and Resources Division and Deputy Director FAO

Jennifer Morgan
Executive Director

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz
UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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