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1 UN expert on indigenous peoples’ rights to visit Greenland and Denmark 07-03-2020
2 MÉXICO. ONU-DH: el proceso de consulta indígena sobre el Tren Maya no ha cumplido con todos los estándares internacionales de derechos humanos en la materia 19-12-2019
3 Call for input: Report on the situation of indigenous peoples in Asia 09-12-2019
4 Colombia: UN experts are outraged by killing of indigenous leader and community members 31-10-2019
5 Honduras Government and businesses must ensure protection of rights of people affected by development projects, say UN experts 04-09-2019
6 India must prevent the eviction of millions of forest dwellers, say UN experts 04-07-2019
7 Failing to protect biodiversity can be a human rights violation – UN experts 25-06-2019
8 Algeria: Hunger striker’s death in custody alarming, say UN experts 18-06-2019
9 UN human rights experts call for independent probe into Philippines violations 07-06-2019
10 ARGENTINA. Relatora Especial valora fallo de Tribunal de Neuquén que absuelve a miembros de comunidad mapuche Campo Maripe 03-05-2019
11 The Philippines: Renewed allegations against UN expert are "clearly retaliation" 01-05-2019
12 Timor-Leste’s commitment to customary justice and conservation sets examples for other countries 16-04-2019
13 Indigenous justice systems and harmonisation with the ordinary justice system’ - SR IP Report to the Human Rights Council 2019 06-04-2019
14 PARAGUAY.Tras 20 años de espera, se concretó finalmente la titulación de la Finca 384, del Pueblo Ayoreo Totobiegosode​ 23-03-2019
15 Venezuela: UN experts condemn widespread rights violations reported during protests 21-03-2019
16 Guatemala Congress must not pass “amnesty” bill for rights violations, say UN experts 11-03-2019
17 Indonesia: UN experts condemn racism and police violence against Papuans, and use of snake against arrested boy 22-02-2019
18 To keep the planet flourishing, 30% of Earth needs protection by 2030 31-01-2019
19 Brazil: UN experts call for probe into deadly dam collapse 30-01-2019
20 Guatemala: UN experts concerned indigenous leader convicted in retaliation for opposition to Oxec hydro project 19-12-2018
21 Honduras: Masterminds of Berta Cáceres killing still at large, say UN experts 07-12-2018
22 Ecuador: UN expert on indigenous peoples to visit Nov. 19-29 15-11-2018
23 Mexico: Killing of indigenous rights defender is "reprehensible" say UN experts 06-11-2018
24 Guatemala: UN experts welcome court ruling that Ixil Mayans were victims of genocide and urge the State to prosecute and punish the perpetrators 23-10-2018
25 UN experts urge prompt ratification of landmark Latin America and Caribbean environment treaty 13-09-2018
26 ECUADOR. Call for inputs on upcoming country visit to Ecuador 19 to 29 November 2018 31-08-2018
27 The Philippines: UN experts urge further action to remove names on Government’s “terror list” 20-08-2018
28 Guatemala: Rise in attacks on human rights defenders is deeply concerning – say UN experts 09-08-2018
29 States must act now to protect indigenous peoples during migration 08-08-2018
30 UN experts to US: “Release migrant children from detention and stop using them to deter irregular migration” 22-06-2018
31 Philippines: UN racial discrimination experts voice concern at “terrorist” list 15-05-2018
32 Guatemala must break cycle of discrimination against indigenous peoples, says UN expert 11-05-2018
33 Guatemala: UN expert on rights of indigenous peoples announces visit 27-04-2018
34 Letter of support from Tarja Halonen, former President President of Finland 2000-2012 30-03-2018
35 Statement in support of indigenous human rights defenders in the Philippines 21-03-2018
36 Accusations against UN expert a retaliation by Philippines, say fellow rapporteurs 08-03-2018
37 PERU. Experts UN and IACHR express their concern at the adoption of a law that declares the construction of highways in the Peruvian Amazon as a priority and a national interest 13-02-2018
38 US must reverse “outrageous” dismantling of Bears Ears National Monument, says UN rights expert 30-01-2018
39 Indigenous rights must be respected during Kenya climate change project, say UN experts 15-01-2018
40 Philippines warned over “massive” impact of military operations on Mindanao indigenous peoples 27-12-2017
41 Peru road-building law threatens survival of Amazon peoples in isolation – UN indigenous rights expert 20-12-2017
42 MÉXICO. La ONU-DH urge a dar respuesta integral a la crisis de desplazamiento interno forzado en Chiapas 06-12-2017
43 MÉXICO. 99% de violaciones de derechos a pueblos indígenas quedan impunes. México debe terminar con el patrón de discriminación, urge experta de la ONU 18-11-2017
44 UN expert on rights of indigenous peoples announces visit to Mexico 03-11-2017
45 UN experts urge Chile not to use anti-terrorism law against Mapuche indigenous peoples 06-10-2017
46 Message to the Mexico City Forum on the 10th Anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 24-08-2017
47 Call for inputs on upcoming country visit to Mexico 8 to 17 November 2017 15-08-2017
48 World still lagging on indigenous rights 10 years after historic declaration, UN experts warn 07-08-2017
49 Special Rapporteur urges the State of Honduras to ensure that international standards on prior consultation and other human rights of indigenous peoples are respected 26-07-2017
50 Peru must halt oil talks until indigenous rights and contamination are taken into account – UN experts 13-07-2017
51 En Perú, expertos internacionales realizaron reunión sobre pueblos indígenas en aislamiento 15-06-2017
52 Indigenous and environmental rights under attack in Brazil, UN and Inter-American experts warn 08-06-2017
53 Take five: “The dominant economic paradigms are at odds with the rights of indigenous peoples” 05-05-2017
54 Australia’s Aboriginal peoples face “tsunami” of imprisonment, UN expert finds 05-04-2017
55 UN expert urges consistent policies for US on indigenous peoples’ rights for projects like Dakota Access Pipeline 04-03-2017
56 USA / Indigenous peoples’ rights: UN expert to assess impact of energy development projects 21-02-2017
57 Expertos de la ONU piden al Congreso de Guatemala que apoye la iniciativa 5179 sobre reforma de justicia 13-02-2017
58 Indigenous peoples’ rights violated in the name of conservation 30-08-2016
59 Joint Press Release - Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Effective Participation and to Self-Determined Development 10-08-2016
60 Indigenous Peoples should establish and control their educational systems and institutions – UN experts 09-08-2016
61 Meetings with the Special Rapporteur during ninth session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 04-07-2016
62 International Investment Agreements and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Questionnaire 16-04-2016
63 Invitation for conservation organizations. Dialogue of the UN Special Rapporteur: Indigenous peoples’ rights and conservation activities 15-04-2016
64 Invitation for indigenous organizations. Dialogue of the UN Special Rapporteur: Indigenous peoples’ rights and conservation activities 15-04-2016
65 Indigenous peoples’ rights and conservation activities. Dialogues of the UN Special Rapporteur 14-04-2016
66 Much remains to be done to respect the rights of indigenous peoples in Brazil – UN expert 21-03-2016
67 On Human Rights Day, UN Human Rights Experts Urge Rights-Based Climate Action 09-12-2015
68 UN rights expert raises alarm on “the critical situation faced by indigenous peoples in Honduras” 12-11-2015
69 Indigenous peoples: Human rights expert in first visit to Honduras 30-10-2015
70 UN Special Rapporteur’s Report: Indigenous women face endemic violence from all quarters of the globe 19-09-2015
71 UN Special Rapporteur: Indigenous Peoples' rights must be respected in global climate change agreement 12-03-2015
72 UN Special Rapporteur: Conservation policies must fully respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights 16-02-2015
73 UN expert calls on Paraguay to better implement protections for indigenous peoples 01-12-2014
74 Paraguay: UN rights expert to assess indigenous peoples’ participation and land and resource rights 19-11-2014
75 UN Special Rapporteur: Despite Efforts to Advance Development, Rights of Indigenous Peoples Remain Few and Far Between 14-11-2014

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