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In may 2014 the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed Ms Victoria Tauli-Corpuz to the mandate of Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples. This mandate is one of several thematic special procedures functioning under the authority of the Council.

Human Rights Council resolution 15/14 and 24/9 authorizes and requests the Special Rapporteur to "examine ways and means of overcoming existing obstacles to the full and effective protection of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, in conformity with his/her mandate, and to identify, exchange and promote best practices".

Additionally, the Special Rapporteur is to “gather, request, receive and exchange information and communications from all relevant sources, including Governments, indigenous people and their communities and organizations, on alleged violations of their human rights and fundamental freedoms” and to “formulate recommendations and proposals on appropriate measures and activities to prevent and remedy violations.”

More information on the mandate of the Special Rapporteur and her work areas can be found on the page dedicated to the Special Rapporteur on the web site of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

See Human Rights Council resolution 15/14 and resolution 24/9.


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